Seth Pellerin

New Orleans agent

About Me

Seth Pellerin, a 2011 graduate of LSU, began his career in Louisiana’s family-run enterprises, gaining valuable insights into the challenges faced by small businesses, especially in sales. This early experience laid the foundation for his career, equipping him with the skills to develop tailored growth strategies for businesses at various stages. With roles at Bain & Company and Gartner, Seth honed his strategic mindset and became skilled in sales optimization. He has helped businesses navigate the market confidently through his hands-on involvement in creating effective lead generation and go-to-market strategies. At the core of Seth’s expertise is his dedication to building meaningful relationships and empowering teams with scalable processes for sustained growth. He is committed to supporting the Louisiana business community by using his skills and experience to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and facilitate sustainable growth for businesses of all sizes. Beyond work, Seth enjoys immersing himself in Louisiana’s culture, supporting local sports teams, exploring the state’s diverse culinary scene, and leading an active lifestyle with loved ones, including his partner, Melissa.